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working in the buckwheat field at chase doncaster
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Chase doncaster believes that people with learning differences should have the opportunity and appropriate support to learn and develop new skills.

Skills provide us with a foundation which we can build upon throughout our lives. Developing our skills improves our knowledge as we learn how to carry out tasks naturally and competently.   

Experience tells us that adults with learning differences develop skills through practice and repetition.

working in the buckwheat field at chase doncaster
picking spuds at chase doncaster
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worker with a barrow at chase doncaster

Chase doncaster believes that by up-skilling adults with learning differences, they will be better equipped to turn different ways of thinking into positive results.


Having the skills to show the world how you see it differently and how you feel about it differently, would prove to be a real talent. 

Chase doncaster would like to discuss developing skills, especially with people who have a learning difference.

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Traditional skills such as ceramics, jewellery making and woodwork, practical skills such as cooking, horticulture and dog care and dog training, all coupled with digital learning would be a framework, a structure to work with.

Chase doncaster believes "a little bit of everything" would be conducive to learning and thinking differently.

It is a right adults with learning differences have the opportunity to experience and learn a range of creative yet practical activities.

big field at chase doncaster
working in plot 2 at chase doncaster
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