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Where we have skills, enterprise can naturally follow.

People with learning differences can be equipped with the skills and knowledge to produce then market their product. Enterprise would be providing a pathway into adulthood and a self-supporting lifestyle.

Where we have different ways of seeing, thinking and feeling, creativity can flow in different ways.

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You have enterprise using your skills when you can grow an abundance of produce and sell it as jams and relishes.


You have enterprise using your skills when you can sell food to the Learning Kitchen which is selling restaurant standard meals for people using the centre.


Ceramics, Jewellery making and   woodworking offer the opportunity for experimentation with different ideas, different materials, different techniques, different views.

Experimental work or any sort of experimental craft movement creates opportunity and subsequently enterprise.

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Access to Digital Learning for every person attending the Skills and Enterprise Centre and continuous learning should be an educational imperative.

Digital Learning will equip people with the life skills to support any enterprising craft movement.

Ensuring people can use technology effectively will break down barriers to equality.

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