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apple trees at chase doncaster
Blossom close up at chase doncaster
apple blossom at chase doncaster

There are twenty maturing apple trees, including cooking apples, growing in the orchard.

Four pear trees and two cherry trees complete the collection.

The herb Comfrey grows among the fruit trees.


It is used as a compost accelerator and a plant feed which has an incredibly bad aroma.

With rhubarb and well established gooseberry, redcurrant and blackcurrant bushes, the Orchard offers a nice, secluded space.


It catches the full sun and is a delight for picnicking and somewhere to relax.

Everybody gets involved in the maintenance and upkeep of the orchard, and benefit from picking and sharing the fruit. 

redcurrant at chase doncaster
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rhubarb at chase doncaster

In 2011, chase doncaster planted a number of hazelnut trees and berries along the outside of its perimeter fence. 


These are now producing in abundance and the public can help themselves as they pass.


Planning for the next orchard is underway. Sweet chestnuts and walnuts, as well as hazelnuts are on the list.

There will be a greater emphasis on balance this time around.

gooseberrys at chase doncaster
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