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Improving our immediate environment


…can provide a nice range of subtle colours for springtime, blending well with the industrial background.

Every tulip bulb needs to be catalogued in colour order, dug up, dried and stored in preparedness for planting late autumn.

By increasing our tulip stock each year over the next few years, we should have a good range of colours to develop different styles when showing how tulips can improve our immediate environment.

A beautiful shade of purple with amazing folds and curves.

The strong hues and varied shape of the tulips make you want to look twice, they are real eye catchers.

And sometimes, a closer look can reveal further little insights into nature in action.

...and Daffodils...

...tell us summer is just around the corner. The daffodil bulbs are left undisturbed in the ground ready for next year.

Our interest in daffodils amounts to getting to know them, their blooming times and increasing our range of varieties.

A closer look will reveal a visitor, perhaps too curious for its own good!

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