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blue flowers at chase doncaster
prairie garden and herbaceous border
Prairie flower at chase doncaster

The Prairie Garden creates a point of interest, somewhere to relax and reflect.

Tall grasses improve the backdrop, spring bulbs and maturing perennials add a continuous splash of colour and form during the long summer months.

pink bloom at chase doncaster
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praire garden at chase doncaster

The plants of the garden provide examples of the grasses, flowers and flora that covered the Great Plains of America.

Minimum maintenance is required whilst allowing the garden to run beautifully wild

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The Herbaceous Border extends an existing border which has established shrubs and bushes.

The border aims to brighten up the entrance to chase doncaster and provides the opportunity to try unusual, lesser known varieties and species.

Service users are responsible for the maintenance and watering of the beds throughout the summer months.

dark red flower at chase doncaster
yellow flower at chase doncaster
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