dogs in field at chase doncaster
the dogs @ chase

Penny turned up at chase doncaster during the month of July 2015. She was unnaturally thin and frightened but she had a loud bark. Penny was approximately 18 months at the time.


She took residence in the large  greenhouse and after the first week, it was obvious Penny was deteriorating. Dog food was bought and she had her first full meal at chase doncaster. Penny decided to move indoors and has remained loyal ever since.

Although still very timid, when she does trust a person, she will crave their attention.

Penny is  a Saluki x Greyhound.

three dogs at chase doncaster
cleo at chase doncaster

Cleo is a Lurcher x Irish Wheaten Terrier. She arrived on the end of a bit of string as a ten week old pup, in November 2015. She was brought in by an acquaintance on community hours whilst at chase doncaster, Cleo cost £140.00.  

The suggestion was Cleo would be a nice companion for Penny, and she turned out to be that and much more.


Buxton was born at chase doncaster on 29th December 2018. He is one of nine stunning pups born to Penny and a full pedigree Saluki from just outside Doncaster.

He is a well balanced dog although he rules the roost over Penny and Cleo as the dominant male.


The dogs are an integral part of the community at chase doncaster. Dog training was a very successful project with our service users, interesting and enjoyable.  

Buxton at chase doncaster